More than just a tuition centre

At Knowledge Learning Studio, we are more than just a tuition centre. We pride ourselves in taking personal responsibility for our students. We focus on the child as a whole person, undergoing personal transformation to become a better person. We hope to inspire in our students the drive to seek continuous improvement. We aspire to develop in our students, skills and lifelong habits that will enable them to persist in problem-solving. Besides our tuition programme, we also offer enrichment programmes and camps that are aligned to STEM content, integrating four learning disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Upcoming Events & Promotions

Holiday Enrichment Programme - Kids Coding Workshop

Kids Coding Workshop (Scratch Programming)

  • Promote logical and clear thinking
  • Use problem-solving and mathematical skills in an authentic setting
  • Understand how programming works with Scratch-friendly interface
  • Learn and apply computing concepts like sequences and loops


Holiday Enrichment Programme

Holiday Enrichment Programme

Calling all Science and Robotic enthusiasts!

For more information on the enrichment programmes, please click here.

Study Skills Workshop

Study Skills Workshop

  • Gain awareness on the range of study skills essential for self-directed learning
  • Learn effective study techniques that can be done within 5, 30 and 90 minutes
  • Optimise study time so that there will be more time available for other areas of development
  • Gain confidence in class